Did you know that descendants of Will Rogers are alive and doing well to this day? It's true! Will Rogers still has 3 of his 5 grandchildren alive as well as 8 great-grandchildren and 5 great - great grandchildren. His family lives all across the country but for the most part they reside in California, Arizona, New York and Texas. Sadly Will Rogers seems to have no remaining family living in Oklahoma any more.

The Will Rogers Family Tree

Father: Clement Vann Rogers (b. 11-Jan-1839, d. 28-Oct-1911)
Mother: Mary America Schrimsher (b. 9-Oct-1839, d. 28-May-1890)

Will's father, was a Cherokee senator and a judge who helped write the Oklahoma Constitution. Successful in agriculture and banking, Clem founded a ranch fenced by rivers, spread across miles and home to thousands of Texas Longhorns.

Mary America Schrimsher Rogers, Will's mother, descended from a Cherokee chief, easily mastered modern society, music, literature, etiquette and good humor. A mother of eight, Mary Rogers understood righteousness under Godís laws and performed countless charities. Four of her children died before reaching adulthood, leaving Will Rogers and his three older sisters.

Will Rogers and family

Wife: Betty Blake (m. November 23, 1908 b. 9-Sept-1879, d. June 21, 1944)

Will Rogers had 4 children total, 3 who lived to be adults.

Will Rogers' Grandchildren

Will Rogers' Great Grandchildren

  • Scott Burl Leuty Rogers (Son of Astrea.  b. 12-Dec-1965 in Lomita, CA)
  • Jennifer Ann Rogers (Daughter of James.  b. 13-March-1966 in Bakersfield, CA)
  • Josh Rogers Leuty (Son of Astrea. b. 13-May-1967 in Lomita, CA)
  • James Schneider Rogers (Son of James.  b. 28-Nov-1970 in Hereford, Texas)
  • Gregory Erik Brandin Rogers (Son of Astrea. b. 27-Nov-1973 in Bakersfield, CA)
  • Astrea Marie Brandin (Daughter of Astrea. B. 6-Apr-1977 in Bakersfield, CA)
  • William Randolph Rogers (Son of Clem.  b. 23-Sept-1981 in Tucson, AZ)
  • John Xavier Rogers (Son of Carl.  b. 1982 in Montreal, Canada)

Will Rogers' Great Great Grandchildren

  • Meeghan Maureen Etcheverry Rogers (Daughter of Jennifer.  b. 24-July-1991)
  • Mason Rogers Etcheverry Rogers (Son of Jennifer. b. 26-March-1995)
  • Bretini Leuty Rogers (Daughter of Scott Burl b. 24-May-1987)
  • Blake Leuty Rogers (Son of Scott Burl b. 21-Mar-1992)
  • Astrea Leuty Rogers (Son of Scott Burl b. 19-Oct-1993)

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