Astrea Elizabeth Rogers

Glancing through the Will Rogers family tree you might notice that in recent generations that name Astrea comes up quite often. However the first known Astrea in the Will Rogers family tree is Astrea Elizabeth Rogers, daughter of James Blake Rogers, the 3rd child of Will Rogers. Astrea Elizabeth was named after her mother, Marguerite Astrea Kemmler. Astrea Elizabeth was known as Bette to her friends and family and in time (April 6, 1977 to be exact) she had her own daughter named Astrea (Astrea Marie Brandin). Astrea Elizabeth also had a son named Scott (Scott Burl Leuty Rogers) who went on to have his own daughter, which he also named Astrea. (Astrea Leuty Rogers born October 19, 1993).

As for Miss Astrea Elizabeth (Bette) she was born in Los Angeles, CA on October 17, 1943. She married Clarence Burl Leuty in Bakersfield, CA on March 7, 1964. They eventually divorced and she married Erik Harris Brandid in August of 1971. They were together until his death which was on May 29, 2002. Bette attended Ojai Valley School & Bakersfield High School, Bakersfield, CA and Arizona State University. Astrea Elizabeth and family reside in Chowchilla, California, where they manage a cattle and farming ranch.

Astrea Elizabeth (Bette) ROGERS and Clarence Burl LEUTY had the following children:
I. SCOTT BURL Leuty, born 12, December 1965
II. JOSH ROGERS Leuty, born 13 May 1967

Astrea Elizabeth (Bette) ROGERS and Erik Harris BRANDIN had the following children:
III. GREGORY ERIK Brandin, born 27, November 1973
IV. ASTREA MARIE Brandin, born 6, April 1977

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